…it remains just play: the highest and the most
profound play. But this ‘just’ is everything, the
one, the only.

Martin Heidegger

 Ink 1989 - 1999

    ars- skill as result of knowledge and practice/ its display or
    application/ artifice/ learning
    artifex- master/ skilled practitioner
    The artist concentrates upon the process. Emptiness opens up:
    an absolute negativity. One learns to let go: creative and
    deliberately artificial play (Schiller’s play-instinct as the origin
    of visual art); play as freedom (Huizinga); correspondences,
    marks, and their ritual manipulation; the act as gift (Baudrillard).
    The unpainted space, virtuality, has the same value as the
    painted one: to see together and treat as a whole brushmarks
    and intervals (Duthuit) activating the entire surface welling up
    from within.
    The game is a symbolic repetitive enactment closed in itself
    (Nicholas of Cusa). It is a possible world (Arbib, Hesse).
    What matters is one locating oneself therein – ritual
    renunciation of self (Bataille), Mallarme’s pure play, the
    divine game where the whole of chance is affirmed in one
    throw (Deleuze).




Ink 1989 - 1999


A Wandering Journey






Sol Invictus Press



The artist, like the God of creation, remains
within or behind or beyond or above his
handiwork, invisible, refined out of existence,
indifferent, paring his fingernails.

James Joyce

© 2001 Stefan Arteni
& Myriam S.P.de Arteni
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